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The Robin Hood Tour 2024

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A rolling festival for a good cause!
What’s not to love?

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Follow the adventure:

Wirksworth       May 23

Leeds                     May 24
Manchester       May 25

Bristol                   May 26

Glastonbury       May 28

Portsmouth        May 30

Brighton               May 31

London                  June 01

The exact location of each gig will be revealed nearer the time, so keep a eye on our social medias to stay updated:

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The Robin Hood Tour

The Robin Hood Tour consists of us, our fans, fellow artists and the general public creating a convoy of vehicles that travels together across the UK putting on free, outdoor concerts in the UKs biggest cities, raising money for UK food banks in aid of The Trussell Trust. It's a big concept, and the times we've done it in the past have been seriously wild. We want to raise money for a good cause, build community, reinvigorate public spaces, and present a joyful, rock & roll "can-do" attitude towards life.

Join Us on the Journey

Join the convoy and be part of the experience, the spontaneous magic, music, and giving back.  A rolling festival for a good cause, what’s not to love?

Get Involved:

  • Attend a Gig: Check out our tour schedule and mark your calendar for a gig near you. It's free to attend!

  • Donate: Support our cause by making a donation at any of our gigs or online via the link here.

  • Spread the Word: Help us amplify our message by sharing our tour with friends, family, and fellow music lovers.

  • Collaborate with Us: Are you a DJ, band or a creative individual interested in collaborating with us? Get in touch!

  • Join the convoy: get in your car, van, wagon, motorbike, whatever, and join us on the road; a moving festival filled with artists, musicians and incredible people. 

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Join the convoy !

Fancy a bit of adventure? drop the 9 to 5 for a few days and join us. Let's create the biggest convoy we can and turn this into a proper a rolling festival!

• If you've got a van/car/bus/motorcycle/any other vehicle, then great! Fill out the form below and let us know your details, we'll add you to our WhatsApp group. This will allow us to organise the convoy so that we can all travel together, and create a crazy spectacle as we roll up into town.

• If you don't have a vehicle, fill out the form below anyways. In the past, people have brought a tent and hitched a ride with a fellow convoyer. It's a great way to be spontaneous and seize the adventure. As they say, you only live once! We'll add you to a WhatsApp group, and that will be the most likely place you'll find a spare seat other than coming to the actual concerts.

Before you join:

The Robin Hood Tour is a spontaneous community. In years gone by people tend to share food and resources as well as the good times. There's no rules about that, we just tend to look out for each other, as you do when you're bringing the best vibes.

You can come and go as you please, and you're responsible for yourself and your belongings.

We organise the concerts, and will help with some of the logistics (places to park, transports, setting up camp, communal events, etc...) but are not responsible for anything else.

If you join, make sure that you can feed yourself, and pitch your own tents. 

Join the convoy!

Have you got a vehicle?
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