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 The people’s best friend and the councils worst enemy, The Gulls have taken an alternative, freewheeling approach to life. Living and traveling in their vans, they’ve built a loyal following across the UK and Europe through the impromptu, outdoor performances and crazy publicity stunts they set up .

“It could be 3pm on Portsmouth beach or 3am outside the clubs in Glasgow, but when we start playing, anything could happen. Some of the stories from the last year alone… I’m quite amazed we haven’t been arrested or killed. When you do crazy things, crazy things happen to you.”                         

                     - Will Fairhead, Frontman

In the last year they have toured extensively, playing venues, streets and beach’s across the UK & Europe.

Most notably, the band pioneered a concept called

The Robin Hood Tour, creating a moving convoy of vehicles and performing unauthorized concerts in the hearts of the UKs biggest cities. Stealing the right to play from the rich and giving to the poor, all proceeds from the tour went to the food banks.

Ending the year on a high, on 10th Dec 2022, the band released their new EP “Freedom, Fire & Lightning”.

They intend to spend the next few months in the recording studio, as well as making preparations for the next Robin Hood Tour (April 2023).

Simon Reed Portsmouth RHT 23
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