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01 Cowboy Cupid

02 Fire

03 Freedom

04 Pop Song

05 Business

06 Circle

07 Lightning


"On the summer solstice, 21st June 2023, The Gulls performed a concert on the sacred site of Glastonbury Tor.

After partaking in the festivities at sunrise on Stonehenge the same morning, they arrived at the bottom of the Tor faced with the task of scaling the hill with their equipment. Recruiting fellow revelers to form a human conveyor belt, they hauled all of their gear to the top for a fully amplified rock concert, becoming the first band in history to achieve such a feat.

 The footage taken on the day can be seen in the music video to their song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Feeling Good”

The tracks on this album are extracts from the concert. "



CD - The Gulls: Live On Glastonbury Tor

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