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The Gulls - Electronic Press Kit

The Gulls; audacious rock rebels that are taking on the world from the back of their beaten-up, old, motorhome. Known for their impromptu outdoor performances and daring publicity stunts, The Gulls have championed the spirit of rock and roll with their can-do attitude, igniting crowds with their undeniable charisma and electrifying presence. In June 2022, they faced a pivotal moment when their tour van was clamped in London, and half the band disappeared. Undeterred, surviving members Will Fairhead and Kilian Aubertin joined forces with drummer Tali Knight and emerged stronger, as a power trio.

The Gulls signed a recording contract with new Amercian label SSK in late 2022, after catching the attention of label owner, Steven Machat (Ozzy Osbourne, Peter Gabriel, Yung Lean, Grimes). The last year has been marked by the release of three singles. Their recent hit, "Freedom," gained worldwide traction and Spotify Editorial attention. In April 2023, The Gulls set off on the second instalment of their revolutionary "Robin Hood Tour", which saw a convoy of fans and artists following them across the UK. Drawing large crowds at short notice to their unauthorised, outdoor performances they successfully raised thousands for UK food banks. Now, after a busy festival season in the UK, the band are headed back to the studio to create their debut album as a three-piece. They anticipate its release for spring 2024. 

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Phone 1: +44 7311670143

Phone 2: +44 7894248240

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