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The Gulls - Electronic Press Kit

The people's best friend and the council's worst enemy.


Described as the orgy love child of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead, The Gulls are a genre crossing revival of what rock 'n roll used to be, with a unique and unmistakable contemporary edge. Their authentic, freewheeling lifestyle, living on-the-road for years at a time, is proof that this is what they were born to do. Their songs are anthemic cries of freedom, change and love.

Set to release three hotly anticipated singles this summer on top of a fully packed festival season, the band are set to fly this year and are already in talks about being brought over to the USA.

Their most recent single, Freedom, has accumulated a world-wide listenership in its short time being released, as well as pulling significant Spotify Editorial attention.


Their most recent tour in April 2023 (The Robin Hood Tour) was a landmark success for grassroots music; the band being followed across the country by a convoy - a growing number of fans and fellow artists in tents & vans. Tickets will soon be released for the band’s second ever venue tour in the UK, stretching from Glasgow to London, set to take place in October 2023.


Their rebellious approach has brought innovation to the dying live music industry. Setting up huge unauthorised concerts across the country, pulling crowds hundreds-strong within a day’s notice, and not without a cause; they also choose to raise money for food banks across the UK as part and parcel of what they do.

Now, unsurprisingly, their achievements have brought them collaborations with industry heavyweights including US Entertainment mogul, Steven Machat (Leonard Cohen, Peter Gabriel), Abbey Roads photographer of the year, Joe Puxley, and groundbreaking contemporary artist, Stuart Semple.


Though the band is set for a big future, they stay true and humble to their roots, continuing their work bringing music, life and colour to the streets around the country. The dream is that one day people will no longer walk the streets with their eyes to the ground and their faces to a screen. That instead, they will look around to see a world full of surprise and creativity, and one they’re eager to be a part of.

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Phone 1: +44 7311670143

Phone 2: +44 7894248240

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