The Gulls - Electronic Press Kit

The Gulls are a rock & roll three-piece who’ve sought to push the limits in their time together as a band, finding success in the most unlikely scenarios. When music venues closed, the band decided to live and travel in a van together full-time, and began building a loyal underground following through the impromptu, outdoor performances they set up across the UK and Europe.

“It could be 3pm on Portsmouth beach or 3am outside the clubs in Glasgow, but when we start playing, anything could happen. Some of the stories from the last year alone… I’m quite amazed we haven’t been arrested or killed. When you do crazy things, crazy things happen to you.”                         

                     - Will Fairhead, Frontman

Improvisers on and off the stage, the band have been likened to classic acts such as The Doors, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones, and their debut album ‘Don’t Feed The Gulls’ showcases their versatility as well as their raw, emotive energy. The album focuses on the various ways in which people get trapped in today’s world, and on some of the ways they break free. A theme that seems evermore pertinent.


With venues reopened, The Gulls are selling them out as they make a    b-line to stamp their unique mark on the world. The band are preparing their most outlandish tour to date, and plans are being put into place for the release of a live album. Further details on the band’s tour and release dates will be available soon.

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