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The Robin Hood Tour

Convoy 1.jpg

          Tour Dates & Locations
April 10 - Manchester

April 12 - Leeds
April 13 - Wirksworth
April 14 - Shrewsbury
April 15 - Stourport
April 16 - Bristol
April 17 - Glastonbury
April 20 - Portsmouth
April 22 - Brighton
April 23 - London

In April 2022, The Gulls embarked on an other crazy adventure!

               The Robin Hood Tour. 

The principle was simple, a “loosely planned” tour, consisting of free outdoor concerts all across England, raising money for the food banks.


Playing on beaches, mountains, in parks, and city centres, The Gulls occupied the public spaces to bring people together through the power of music and raise money for a charity close to their hearts:

The TrussellTrust.

Now, If this wasn’t exciting enough, the band were also inviting anyone crazy enough to join them on this journey! With people jumping in the tour bus for just a few days, a week or for the whole thing! Others joined the tour in their cars and vans…  Their convoy amassed up to 7 vans and 20 people at its height, travelling from town to town and spreading the love everywhere they stoped.

RHT CONVOY 15th April
RHT CONVOY 18th April
RHT CONVOY 21st April
RHT CONVOY 23rd April
RHT Ben & Angus
RHT Eddie
RHT Will
RHT Kilian & Nicole
RHT Leeds
RHT Lens Cap
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